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The Early Days

March 1992 saw the humble beginnings of Nova Security Systems.  With a bank loan of £3,000.00 the business was born from a spare bedroom.  One of our very first business Clients' in Corby, Northamptonshire is still a Client to this very day.  The name "Nova" was simply chosen for its ability to fit onto an external 'Alarm Siren Box' and sounded cosmopolitan, modern and chic.  The name is synonymous throughout the midlands extending also to the Nordic Territory of Denmark.  In the beginning, the Company never really had a Logo, but the 'red swirl' is recognisable as a deterrent feature on many of our Client's premises.

Then and Now

From the outset Nova endeavored to be challenging, to set itself aside from competitors.  The market was dominated by several large national players operating within their exclusive club.  Leaving the dinosaurs desperately clinging onto their outdated 1970's technology, Nova dared to be different by offering security solutions to Clients who had found it difficult to find a security solution provider who could install a system to suit their needs and budget.  This ethos is ever present today.  Maintaining that daring attitude and an ability to adapt very quickly to changing market trends, Nova has and will always be an adaptive business embracing technology and helping people feel safe and secure in their homes and businesses.  Peace of mind is the red-thread interwoven throughout Nova's culture.

The Future

The future is to keep on doing exactly what we know best: Electronic Security Protection.  We focus on our core disciplines and continue to research advanced technologies which are tried and tested; bringing these cutting edge solutions to our Clients.  We are well-known for quality not quantity, choosing to focus on our Clients (both existing and new) exacting security needs.  We will continue with the same ethos which we had in 1992, to offer a responsive, professional approach in everything we do.

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